A Couple Inlaid Sheaths


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Hey Fellors,
Heres a couple inlaid sheaths I brought with me to the Blade West show. Just thought you might want to take a look. Please let me know what ya think good or bad.

The first two are inlaid with stingray skin and have suede liners. The third sheath is inlaid with frog skin and also has a suede liner.

This is the knife I submitted when I won the Best New Maker Award!



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:eek:Very nice Sheaths and knives Shane!! Awesome work2thumbs

Congrats on the award2thumbs


See I told everyone to keep an eye on Shane. The man has amazing skills. Shane the look great and the knives...................WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yea!

Can we get some more shots of the knives?:beg:

The shape of the third knife is very nice.
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Great example

Great example, your "windows" look good, thanks for posting. I agree with the others, well deserved award.


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The first thing I noticed, is your windows are not stiched all the way around. This is the one thing that has always kept me from attempting this. Hand stiching all this is just not something I am am willing to do. These look great. Are they glued under the "panes" I guess this would be a word for the area around the window? Like the others have said, WOW on the knives, and CONGRATS!!