80Crv2 and AlphaKnifeSupply 1080+


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So far have only used the 1080+. Was looking for other material and found that 1080+ has the same composition as 80CrV2. This steel is used commercially as bandsaw blades for wood and circular saw blades or bodies(carbide teeth attached).

AKS: 1080+
Europe: 80CrV2
Din: 1.2235
AISI: L2 (a very broad specification)

Composition of Alpha Knife Supply 1080+:
C: 0.82
Mn: 0.42
Cr: 0.60
Si: 0.22
V: 0.20

Heat Treatment:
Heat furnace to 1400F. Add blade and heat to 1475F/800C(800C is easier to see on an analog pyrometer). Hold until blade is at temperature. Soak 2 or 3 minutes. Quench in fast oil till cool enough to hold bare handed. Remove excess oil. Temper at 300F for 30 to 60 minutes. Cool in cold tap water(a good time to scrub off any remaining scale) Temper at 300F to 400F for an hour. My tests were done after one hour at 375F. 5 point check yielded Rc61-62.

Reference and Supplier Links:
http://www.bestar-steel.com/site_files/files/material_data/BE2235.pdf (for folks on the east side of the big pond)
https://www.brisa.fi/portal/index.php?option=com_oscommerce&osMod=index&cPath=156_291 (for folks on the east side of the big pond)
http://cdna.terasrenki.com/ds/1.2235_80CrV2_Datasheet_1.pdf (for folks on the east side of the big pond)

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