8/8 raptor SC145 coppered and brassed, bubinga by Cédric Christ


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Cédric made me a great gift :D.

A raptor 8/8, SC145, differential hardening, coppered and brassed, bubinga scale.

I'm a fan of the coppered blade and i flashed on that one, that is why Cédric gave that straight to me :D

Cedric Christ is known as Ali Straight Razor and it's the administrator of the Retour du Coupe Chou a french forum where i'm moderator :D

His blog.


That is a real killer, the design is marvelous, and the shaving is smooth as on a dream. I'm also a maker, and i have to say that out of box it's more or less as smooth as mine after two month of life :D

I have already two shaving with that one and that is really perfect, smooth and the result is perfect.

Thank you to Cédric for that marvelous gift :D

The Raptor near is friend the Rhino :D

C Craft

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I have to say that is a thing of beauty! I would love to know more about the process used to achieve the coppered and brassed, bubinga scale. The look is very intriguing!!!


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The copper and brassed are melted / fused on steel by forge, and the other part of work are done with grinder :D