6 pole motor - how many RPM would you run it?


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I have a 3 phase Baldor 1.5 HP 6 pole motor I plan to use for my 2x72. Being that its only a 1200 RPM motor, at 60 Hz the SFPM would be low even with a 7" drive wheel. I see users doubling speed of their 1800 RPM motors using VFDs @ 120 Hz. Can I do the same for my motor?

John Wilson

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Yes you can. Almost all motors can be run at twice rated speed. Speed isn’t what hurts induction motors, heat is. If you do a lot of high pressure hogging at high speed just keep an eye on the motor. If you can’t put your bare hand to the case because it’s too hot then let it run unloaded for a while to cool until you can. Motors are tough.