55 knife sharpening experts share their tips


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Hey guys, I'm new here :)

I've spent 3 weeks asking professional knife sharpeners and experts one question:
"What's your best recommendation to a beginner knife sharpener?"

I received 55 different opinions in total, and I thought you might be interested in reading the article:

I also put together an infographic that summarizes the results:

I'd love to know your opinions!
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The sharpening thing is "BIG" !!!!
I believe what you have written here is all good.
I have not been doing no.1 but will try to immediately bring it into my sharpening. I believe it can be a good starting point. Frank
#6 If A steel is easy to sharpen that means it will also go dull easily.You want to buy steels that preform the way you want them to. You want to use your knife for work, not spend all of your time sharpening.

Unless you are a stone junkie that loves to spend a lot of time sharpening just for the heck of it?

With the proper equipment/ stones you can sharpen any steel.

I really think we are just being spammed here to drive more traffic to this guys new site.
On my list #1 is "Know what the possibilities are for any given blade" all the rest is the myriad of ways to achieve the goal and there are many. If you don't know what sharp is your not going to make it sharp.
I respectful disagree, Lawrence...an easy to sharpen steel it is definitely not a steel which will go easily dull....a simple carbon steel has the strenght of the martensite matrix, and with A BIT of fine carbides will do the trick.
Knives uneasy to sharpen are those filled with proeutectoid carbides to the point they have extreme wear resistence....steels i don't care for keen edges btw. Edge stability is on the contrary the feature to look after for cutting ability, and it is at odds with a big carbides filled edge.
Long before you loose the edge for wearing, it is gone for dislodged carbides. The carbides itself in those steels are big enough to have their radius bigger than what i consider the maximum radius of a keen edge (1 micron).
To learn sharpening i strongly suggest starting with carbon steels, and stainless like AEB-L, 14c28n and the like...
To color the edge with a marker is a really smart tip, not only for beginners ;)

Kinda crazy if you ask me. 55 experts give their opinions....and there are how many recommendations? 16

I tried going onto the website, knifeplanet.net. Once there, I can't click on anything. No links work. Except the one at the top about being a writer.