3V wakizashi


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I just finished up this slightly different version of the A2 waki I shared a Wip on a while back.
This one has a hand rubbed (lots of fun!!) 14" 3V blade, and has a 21.25" oal. I suppose with the 14" blade it could considered a Ko Wakizashi.
The seppa and menuki are hammered copper and the tsuba is Orange peeled and heat colored Ti.

I am incredibly impressed with the 3V's corrosion resistance with the right heat treat. I've tried several things to get an antiqued or blued finish, but can't even touch it with my normal methods.

Any and all comments welcome!

Tapered fuller on the spine. It gets shallower and tapers completely out at the tip. Pretty cool I think.

With customer requested sheaths.
This is beautiful! One day I would love to try to make something like this. Can't imagine the time and skill it would take to make this type of blade. Great job!