3V Wa Gyuto


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Hey everyone! It's been a while since I have had time to make chef knife but I was able to squeeze this one in. It is my very first Wa handle, and I am very pleased with how it came out. Thanks to Mareko Maumasi and Ian Rogers for the pointers! The handle is Stabilized Oregon maple burl, bias cut micarta and copper. The balance point is right on the ricasso.
The blade on this one is CPM 3v, my all time favorite. While not a true stainless, it is very stain resistant and should be a perfect steel in the kitchen. It has a scotch brite belt finish which should aid in food release. The spine and choil are nicely rounded and polished and it is very comfortable in a pinch grip.

Looks like it was designed for the cutting board with the light and dark contrasts.
Am not sure whether its the lighting on the blade but there appears to be a line about .5 to .75 wide along the edge where it is darker. Looks awesome, is this the other blade that was in the pic of a pair fresh out of cryo?
Thanks Walt.

The bottom of the blade has a slight convex grind, so the light reflects differently.
Outstanding work on the handle, especially. Getting all of your angles and lines that symmetrical and even is incredible.