2nd Knife Finished / Critique


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Finished up my second knife this morning. Please feel free to give me your honest critique.

OAL: 5 1/2"
Steel: Aldo 1084
Thickness: 1/8"
Handle: Homemade Jeancarta
Finish: Scotch



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I'm by no means an expert but it looks like you want to knock the hard edges off the handle. I guess it doesn't matter so much on a small knife like this. I would have moved the plunge toward the handle slightly for a smaller ricasso and more edge but that's just me. Other than that I don't see a problem with it. I am a new guy to this business so my opinion means next to nothing so I wouldn't be discouraged by what I say. My second knife wasn't this good.

Calvin Robinson

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From the photos,all I can tell about it is that the bevel grinds look simetrical,that's good because that is hard to perfect.
The blade finish looks ok as far as I can tell from the photos.
The handle is where I see problems,I think it is to short and not finished very well. I believe you need to add at least an inch to the handle length. Take an hour and hand finish the blade and 30 minutes of hand work on the handle will make all the difference in the world.
Keep up the good work!


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You may be fine with the length of the handle if you were going for a Three finger knife? It does appear the plunge lines on the Ricassio area are well matched.

I also do think you could contour the edges and do more hand sanding.
The analogy I heard when I started making knives is a well made & finished handle will feel like a well worn dry bar of soap, no hard corners and smooth to the touch.



Doug Lester

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You did a great job on the blade. I'm wondering if the rough edges on the handle are there or if they just look like it because of the material that they're from. If they are there you should break them over with a little sanding. The handle has the appearance of not being well finished. That could be from the ends of the threads showing through the resin. Just doesn't seem right. Maybe sanding out to a finer grit might help. Just an idea.



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The handle was intended to be a three finger grip. I for some reason like making smaller knives. Although I do have several coming up that are in the 7" + OAL range. The handle is also egg shaped and not rough as it appears to be in the photo. I took it up to 400 grit by hand but it does look unfinished so I think I'll be revisiting it next time I'm in the shop.
Thanks for the help so far guys I appreciate it.
Also here are the ones I'm working on next:

Jeff Conti

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Your grinds are looking good. Since you have skeletonized the handles, are you going to taper any of them? That adds a nice touch.


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Re-did the handle. I think it looks better now.

Your grinds are looking good. Since you have skeletonized the handles, are you going to taper any of them? That adds a nice touch.
I don't think I'm ready to try that just yet lol... Maybe after these few are finished