245mm custom gyuto in HHH Damascus


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Finished this one up recently and it's looking for a new owner!
HHH GD1.jpg

Started out as a bar of Randy Haas High Carbon Random Damascus. It has an S Grind to the upper portion of the blade and convexing on the lower portion of the blade. Took it to an 800 hand rub before etching and then a 1200 grit handrub after to smooth out the oxides so it's smoother in the cut.

Choil shot:
choil HHH.jpg

Shows the S grind:
HHH S.jpg

Handle is Corian with black G10 spacer and stabilized Golden Curly Acacia from Greenberg woods:
HHH handle.jpg

Lots of shimmer and chatoyance in the handle!

$450 CONUS