2016 ABS Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year - WIP


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So i was chosen to make the 2016 Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year.

The Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year will be part of the Annual ABS Knife Auction in Atlanta, GA at the Atlanta Knife Show in June 2016.Show.

Here I will kind of keep everyone up to date on how that is progressing.

I spent a week making the damascus for the blade and fittings.


Here I Forge, Rough Grind and HT the blade



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Impressive work - I can see why it's the 2016 ABS Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year...... Should be "Mastersmith" - Congrats and looking forward to rest of WIP.

Ken H>


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Excellent! Congratulations Stephan.

I'm looking forward to it..

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Just watched the first 2 videos, good stuff. Looking forward to more. One question I have though, is about your post anvil. I've been eyeballing every scrapyard I drive by trying to spot a big piece of steel for one, but that stuff must be rare. Did you buy it new or find it somewhere. If its new, what kind of steel is it? If its found, where in the heck did you find it? I've heard RR car axles are 4140 and about 6" diameter, not sure if that's true, somebody on Youtube said they used the axle out of a crane.

Tom Lewis

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Thanks! excellent video. Thanks for not having a lot of silly background music. What kind of tool do you use to put the clay on the blade?