1st Post intro

Josh Dabney

Just want to say hello to alot of familiar faces and names. I'm glad to be here and look forward to being an active member of the K9 community.

I haven't been getting alot done in the last couple months but I do have a couple of blades in Progress at the moment along with an Evenheat, Grizzly motor, and disc on the way to assist me in achieving a "sole authorship" knife shop.

I'm working toward getting accurate and repeatable heat treating in house an producing some saleable knives in the near future.

I haven't been posting much on other forums recently so I thought I'd give a short update of my situation and let everyone know that I'm still around and will certainly be pestering everyone with Newbie questions in the Shop Talk forum.

-Josh :D
Hey Josh,

Glad your here and welcome. It goes without saying that we'd all like to see your work.


Way to go Josh; here's to git'n er done! (I'm in the same boat)
Josh,Glad to have You here.Sweet little fixed blade & sheath you showed me at Blade.Looking forward to seeing more of your work.:D
Hey Josh, i have been wondering why i hadn,t seen much of you. I hope all is good and welcome to the dog house
Some pics






Some of my work
More Pics






These knives were completed before the Blade Show with the exception of the stingray inlaid sheath. I have completed one other knife since then that has become a kitchen beater due to a flaw in the blade. I'll have to snap some pics of it and post them.
nice work. I'm thinking you can't call yourself a noob anymore when you put that kind of work out..
welcome to the pound.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome to the Doghouse. I'm feeling right at home here already.

Rick, Thanks for the compliment it is appreciated :D

Fog, All's well here. Basically was having time management issues and getting nothing accomplished, LOL. I am getting back on track with regularly scheduled "work" time so be expecting to see some new and creative designs comming from this way.

Thanks for the compliment ! I have been gaining alot of knowledge in my down time but it is still book smarts not experience, LOL.

I'm working on a 5.5" Petit Chef blade that has basically kicked me in the balls but I'm hoping to salvage it once my disk sander is up and running. If I can get a decent finish on the blade it is gonna be paired with a damascus guard and carved buckeye burl handle

This will be my 5th knife from scratch so I am clinging to my newb status

Thanks again -Josh