1849 Gold Rush Tomahawk

Raymond Richard

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I had purchased the pickax head at a knife show in Washington several years ago. It looked good and old and small enough that it interested me and I thought it would be a fun project if it didn't get lost in my shop. Turns out I had a couple small pick ax handles hiding in my shop except they were for a different size eye but the small end of the handle could be shaped to fit this pickax. I finished it up a few days ago. The plan was to used some silver looking spikes on the haft but I didn't like the silver color so I decided to try heat coloring them using the forge. I was thinking they were stainless steel but after they melted guess they were just pot metal. As you can see I ended up using brass tacks.


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Nice work as usual Ray. Nice to see other people with the senior moment issue....I have way to many !
I hadn't been paying much attention to GRT49 ever since I got her half'ted. She just sat on the cluttered work bench looking pretty. Guess she got bored and then she became out of control. Every time I'd go into the shop there was another hole dug into my crushed rock floor. I finally had to put her in a cage so she would stay put. Once I got out to the shop this morning she was acting a little better so I let her out. I decided to clean up the cage and mixed up in the bedding I discovered she had given birth? I should have recognized the signs. Its a boy with a 3 1/4" head and is about 5" tall. Soooo cute!


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Can't help but smile on reading the story line,
You need to find that walk around male or else you gonna have a whole kettle full of those little ones, LOL!
Nice work