13 blade day WIP.

Von Gruff

Had a very welcome email from my US agent with an order for a few blades but more exciting was the news that it looks like he has a reliable and ongoing source of giraffe bone for handle work so hope to have it on hand by the end of the year.
A number of these blade will have the giraffe bone with some buffalo horn on one and 3 with impala horn. I decided to cut out a pair of chef blades as well while I was at it so I have them ready to go for when orders come in. They do not get the bevels ground in until after heat treating but all the others were ground and heat treated today as well. I am not doing any hand sanding before heat treating now with post heat treat clean-up done on the bet grinder with belts up to 600 grit before they go to the bench for hand sanding and handle work. 13 blades from barstock and ready for heat treating in 8 1/2 hours is probably about the best I have done so far.

An AH EDC, 5 Light Hunters, 5 Safari knives and 2 chef blades

Cut out with angle grinder

Profiled, handle holes drilled, makers mark on and ready for bevels.

All bevels ground to 120grit except for the chef blades which get done post heat treat.

Have them all HT and just waiting for the tempering cycle to finish for the chef blades now.
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Von Gruff

The chef knives that I HT the other day had their turn at the grinder to get the bevels ground in and there was such a dramatic reduction in weight between the one I had done and the one still to be ground that I decided to put them on the scales to see what weight reduction there was with the grinding. The unground one was 245gram and after grinding the weight was just 155 gram so there was 90 grams left in the bucket under the grinder or almost a 1/3 of its weight.

The other little chore that has kept me at the bench has been getting the rest of the blades handsanded and ready for handles allthough the material for them is not going to be here for a while yet so they will sit in the ready drawer til then.