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    knifedog awards

    I know another factor is how people access the forum. In my case I do it exclusively by the Tapatalk app on my phone (no home internet atm, and the time factor also). I cannot see the polls/voting, only the nominations threads.
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    Comparing damascus

    I will readily state that I'm only a beginner at most, and most of the people on here have likely forgotten more than I know. That said, the opinion that I've sort of come to is that (at least in modern use, etc.), there are no significant performance advantages to a damascus blade. I believe...
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    Those scales are gorgeous!
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    Looking for a little input/reasurance

    The paper cut-out template will work the same as the plexiglass, not really a big difference, I wouldn't think. I know the traditional 'bookmatching' technique is to essentially flip both pieces so that the "shared" sides both show on the outside of the handles, but personally, I prefer them to...
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    knee replacement

    I can't speak for knee replacement, but I've had both hips done in the past 2 years. One of the best choices I've ever made! Yeah, the rehab wasn't the most fun, but it worked, and now I can move around quite well, and do alot of things that I just couldn't befor surgery. Just guessing...
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    Shell Guard Bowie- 1075 & Ironwood Burl...

    Not sure exactly why, but I really like the lines of your work! This one is no exception. I also really like how the sheath is stained to match the handle.
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    The Uboot

    Very cleanly executed. Not so sure on it's intended use though. Care to share in that?
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    Newbie Question

    Welcome Greg! I do believe I remember you from a couple other boards I used to be on alot. Welcome to the pound!
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    Lost an old friend last night

    Glad you found it!! I have a habit of losing my folders after a few years myself. I've gotten to the point where I usually just buy something around the $40 range so it's not complete crap, but I'm not losing a ton of money when I finally can't find it for good.
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    A bit of a rant about user names on the forums

    I guess I fall in the "handle" camp. I never really thought about it untill I had been on this board for a while. "Wiredude" was a sorta nickname I got a while back, when I was the guy who spent all day every day cutting wire at an electrical supply house. I started using it on forums, and...
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    Propane forge questions

    Thank you both for the info. Since my intent is more bladesmithing, and I intend to build it myself, seems like circular is the way to go. I'll obviously have to do a bit more research as to size and burners. For the time being, I don't really intend to get into any amount of forge welding...
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    Propane forge questions

    Please forgive the noob questions, and searching the forum is difficult (at best) from the app on my phone, but my home internet is down, so here goes... I see 2 basic designs in the shape of the forge body itself. Most of what appear to be home-built forges seem to use the tubular, 'grill...
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    About to take the plunge.

    I've been meaning to stop by a local welding/gas supply place and see if they have any decommissioned argon or co2 tanks that I could just cut the valve end off of at the desired height. Havn't gotten to it though.
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    Operating 2 Motors with a Single VFD

    I strongly disagree. For safety reasons, power should NEVER feed from a male plug! Also, recepticals and cord caps are built in standard configurations, depending on voltage, amperage, etc. Granted, as long as it's your shop, no one should ever plug something else in, but you'll still want...
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    I think the guy doing what you're asking about is Ben Tendick (sp). I think his username on here is Benr. t or something similar...