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    First try at scrimshaw

    Very nice!
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    Just had a Duh moment

    Thanks for the video Ed!
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    My first Friction Folder...

    Very nice work!
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    Inspired by the WW2 era Ek Commando Knife Model 1

    Blade Is 15N20 Bolts are Tracy's Half-Loveless Scales are Walnut in boiled linseed oil. The scales I cut from a WWII Issued Inland M1 Carbine stock.
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    3rd Knife Completed

    Great Job!
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    Neck/Pocket Knife

    Thanks! It's carrying well so far.
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    Neck/Pocket Knife

    It's been on my bench for a year but I'm happy with it. Steel: 15N20 - Stone Washed Scale: Green Canvas Micarta Clip: Titanium
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    Wharncliff FF

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    Rancher's Daughter

    Very Nice! She should love it.
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    Snow Day Folder

    Very Nice!
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    Magazine write up in Tactical Knives

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    A friction folder