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    Shieldon Knives Charkos A new brand with some interesting designs !

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    Etching machine sparks

    Absolutely need to replace. for your safety.
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    Smoking deal on belts.

    I don't recommend to use any glue or locktile. My knives using glue before were criticized by couldn't disassemble the knives.
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    modified Sharpfinger...

    Really unique. Can I ask what are the handle materials? Acrylic?
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    Competition chopper geometry?

    Anyway, good luck and wish you winning the game!
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    curly maple

    I agree with it. My workshop also works like it on some G10 handles.
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    S Grind

    ConvexGrind preferred. Fyi.
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    End consumer best sharpening solution?

    I recommend you to take a look at Japanese grindstone. it's not an ad, but I was impressed by its diverse categories of grindstone, and I also learned a lot about knife sharpening.
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    [video] Budget Price Shieldon knives Boa Tanto Flipper Knife from a New Knife Company

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    Just Ordered a Heat Treat Oven!

    show me how this machine works!
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    Best way to cut up a burl

    Electric motor saw ?
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    Gun-Kote sources?

    There are some fake damascus steels or patterns in the knife material industry
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    It reminds me of an experience! We do knife business. But many platforms regard folding knives as a dangerous thing. No matter in logistics or Amazon. That's too crazy!
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    [video] New Knife Brand. Shieldon knives. 7093D Tranchodon. Unique design. thx for watching

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    Cactus Juice

    there are some here surrounding my manufacturer. I may find one for you.