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    A Christmas order i just filled

    Are you going to be able to deliver on time? Or are they coming to pick them up? What kind of sizes are very seeing? Having never used goat anything, I figure I won't now and save the smell for everyone else. Love the grind!! Scott (burning goat hair is saweet) B
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    Peasant's Knife

    I like the jagged, rustic look of the handle well as how it is finished. Not high gloss, but not left 'unattended' either....good balance. Was the oak stabilized? That copper just works with everything....nicely done! Scott (wouldn't ya like to be a pepper too...yup, that...
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    Amboyna Hunter

    Love the design, the mosaic pins 'work well' with the timber, and it 'pleases' the eye to look at!!!! Scott (the sheath ROCKS too) B
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    Model 1 w/ Ironwood Burl

    Was the 'segment' a plan on the scale to help bland the carbon fiber pins? Also wondering what kind of epoxy you use? Nicely done! Inspiring! Scott (rainy days aren't fun) B
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    wood finishes and non-stabilized...superglue?

    Having just purchased a vacuum chamber(5gal) and vacuum, I am currently 'playing' with stabilizing for the reason to be able to get away from CA finishing. The fumes are starting to get worse the more I use the stuff, and that's even using fans to push the air eye's just can't take...
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    Pins for handles

    With a #40 drill bit fitting into the hole...I was told it was probably meant to be used with a 3/32 inch size piece of solid rod. Now 3/32 inch isn't a #40 diameter(0.098)'s a little smaller. But I'm guessing the epoxy will make up the difference? Scott (I was so lazy today) B
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    Pins for handles

    Thanks for everyone suggestions! I like the idea of getting supplies from a 'supply house', but I'm not sure I would ever be able to use six feet of rod...especially if I don't enjoy making knives. Just saying is all... And the six foot lengths of solid rod are amazingly inexpensive, but the...
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    Pins for handles

    Wondering where everyone is getting their 'pins' for handle material? A quick search showed Texas Knife Supply, but being new enough to not know much of anything....figured I would check here! Scott (only dangerous before beer drinking) B
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    Not sure where to start

    Thanks guys for the welcome! I will probably start simple. Sounds easiest, exopy and some sanding...right up my alley. Can't be much worse then sanding bowls on the lathe, I hope. I will look at bossdogs' kits. Not sure about showing the wood I have laying around? I aint a commercial...
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    Not sure where to start

    My name is Scott, and I have a soft spot between my ears for anything I can sharpen! Just starting down the slippery slope of making my own, during a 'search' I was directed here. As a hobby sawyer, I seem to have an abundance of crazy wood laying I will probably start with...