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    Damasteel Trapper

    Thanks guys , much appreciated.
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    My 1st slip joint

    Great job for your first one. After a couple you won't want to do anything else;)
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    Damasteel Trapper

    Have not posted one here in a while so i figured I'd show this one Chuck Ward shot for me at the Art of Steel show in Little Rock. This was my donation knife to Knife Rights this year. 4-1/8" Single Blade Trapper. .95 Damasteel blade and Spring with Black Jigged bone covers Thanks for looking. Stan
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    Me too..
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    Giving Away 2 Little Rock Show VIP Passes

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    Rise and fall indicator

    If you are going to use 1/8" pivot pis pull the 3/32 pin out and drill out the hole to fit an 1/8" pin. Then find someone with a small lathe to make you a pin with an 1/8" bottom and a 3/32" top so you can switch them out.
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    stuff happens

    Good tohear, you will be dancin again before long.
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    Paragon vs even heat

    It is an extra layer of insulation between the brick and SS skin.
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    Titanium for folder, smaller quantity?

    AKS has .110 that is close enough and the piece he has is big enough for 3 knives. Folders are like potato chips, you can't make just one:biggrin:
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    Titanium for folder, smaller quantity?

    Check with Chuck at Alpha Knife Supply for smaller quantities of Ti
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    Harness testers

    I know a guy who uses one of these and is happy with it. We tested several samples with my bench type tester and this one. results were very close.
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    Lock back whittler

    Fantastic work.
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    sandblasting setup

    Good setup and good people to deal with.
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    Straight razor question

    Razors are a whole different animal. Get hold of Mike Martinez he can give you some good pointers.
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    Neat idea.