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    Heritage Hunter - my first stacked leather handle

    nice John , real nice piece there....... always good to challenge ourselves on new styles and design, just makes us better, well done, really like the contour of the handle, looks like it would be super comfy in hand....
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    Am I crazy for not taking orders..

    No not crazy at all , the nagging list of custom work can be bothersome at times and more less turns into a job rather a hobby in which I do it for....I used to take orders , then deadlines , then I wanna change this to that , custom tooling on the sheaths which I like and they do pay handsomely...
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    4 hunters

    a handsome set indeed , well done !
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    Mammoth EDC

    Very nice !
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    First hidden tang, and antler handle.

    Looks great , nice job
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    Low layer twist and stag

    I like it even more when I rotate my laptop ! nice job
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    New forge !

    nice forge..........admire how you squeeze in your fancy press in the same photo , well done !!
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    Knives made in the past few months

    Nice !! Glad to hear your back at'r !!
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    Need help on hydraulic press

    thanks Ed...I figured this would be pretty bulky as well.........Brian Doherty has a nice build going on over on BS forum
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    Need help on hydraulic press

    How big or beefy is too big or cumbersome, my buddy has (2) 10' lengths of 7'' x 9'' .375 (3/8'') thick tube to his surplus......
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    Rick Dunkerley: Nitre Blued Folder

    wow ! lots to look at there , very very nice..........
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    Bird and Trout with some scrim.

    Very cool ! Well done.......
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    Handfuls of hawks

    3 works of art , well done !!
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    Ferrum flos WIP