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    Finally got some work done...

    Haven't got much done since the exile... Shop is still stuffed into the garage, due to leaky sheds, and now winter; but finally a little bit of work done!The last photo is of 3 "Kit" 'hawks from Track of the Wolf I'm working on finishing.
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    3 Recent Choppers.

    Thanks Dusty!
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    Introduction, Mark Knapp

    Welcome! and all this time I thought you were aware of this forum... Good to hear from you again! Mark
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    A bit of a rant about user names on the forums

    I use the name of my knifemaking/ blacksmithing "business" (I guess it qualifies- I'm TRYING to make money...) My name, email and a real picture of me are on my profile and in my signature block. IMHO- Trolls will usually go away if they are not feed.
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    What's ahead of you....

    Smithy, Prayers for you! Don't give up the fight- I had a couple of issues over the winter, and things are looking up now! I'm getting exiled back to Michigan from Alaska late this summer, and intend on making Friendship this fall- Would be great to meet up with you then!
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    Tobin Nieto on Forged in Fire

    Congratulations Tobin! Best show of the current crop imho.
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    Herb Knife Necker

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    Neck knives

    Thanks Tai!
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    Buff Hawk

    An extra large thumbs up on that one!
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    Neck knives

    Thanks Kevin! As a "Reformed" Farrier (Can't wrestle those nags with a bad back) I have a bunch of old Farriers rasps laying around, that have been used to various degrees. Use them for hot work until they're seriously dull and then make something out of them.
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    Catching up...

    Here's a few that I've managed to get done over the last few months- been one of those time spans that the faster I work the further behind I get... Thanks for looking! An old Bellota Horseshoe rasp with Moose antler scales Neck Knife forged from a mower blade- burl maple scales...
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    Neck knives

    Thanks Gary!