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    Shop picture thread.

    Love the shop tilt bud,lol.
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    SOG Flash 1 and 2 screwdrivers

    Thats correct for the frame screws, but I think he wants the pivot size bud :)... my smallest torx fits it ,but doesnt have the number anymore,lol.
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    Project VECP

    LOL,. at both you and Murph.
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    SOG Flash 1 and 2 screwdrivers

    Small Torx driver should do it.
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    Martin Double Action Dagger

    Very nice work sir.
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    Project VECP

    Exceptional job so far . Building a better mousetrap isnt always the answer, finding a way to make the mousetrap with less loss of time, materials and effort is more impressive. " Work Smarter , Not Harder ", great job.
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    The New Silent Soldier Neck Knife! - First Brous Blades Production Model

    Nice work, heres hoping it does well for you.
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    Balisong #46- Superconductor!

    Very slick
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    Several of us have gotten together at shows, but there arent a ton of guys in South La ,.. we're pretty spread out. Trying to set up a meet after Blade, everyone is runnin n gunnin trying to get knives done right now. Do drop me a line with your info if you want to be contacted about it when...
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    News from the front!

    That there is purty
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    Very cool , very cool.
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    Pewter skull givaway

    Nice Mr Pearce.
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    A very sad day.

    Words wont cover a time like this, from our family to yours - our condolences sir.
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    Welcome to the Show!