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    Great shop tour and A couple of knives I finished last year.

    I would like to Thank Harvey King again for a great shop tour last weekend. Also thanks for great demos from Harvey, Steve Culver and Jim Blevan. We had a great time and as always I learned some neat new time saving tricks.
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    looking for pink camo handle material any ideas?

    I am looking for pink camo handle material. Does anyone know a supplier? Thanks :les:
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    KCKA member in Blade mag.

    Nice looking knife Harvey, congrats. Phil
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    A couple liner locks

    Billy, those are a coulple of really sweet knives, keep up the good work. Phil
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    Congratulations to Billy Helton

    Good job Billy, and thanks again for all the pointers you have given me lately.
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    What's everyone working one?

    Awesome Steve, I LOVE the entire package!!! Thanks for the WIP and the tutorial. Phil
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    I used 1084 and 15n20 for this piece. That is my most common steel combination right now. Thanks, Phil
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    Next KCKA Shop Tour

    I would like to thank Steve H. again for hosting this great tour. It was great day. There is always some new trick or tecnique to be learned from the great demos, thanks again guys. I agree totally with Steve, we really do have a great group.
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    Hello from Florida!

    Welcome to knifedogs.
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    Welcome to knifedogs
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    welcome to knife dogs
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    What's everyone working one?

    Dave that is going to be sweet! Will you be bringing it to the shop tour in August?
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    First slip joint WIP

    very cool, thanks for taking the time to post this wip, you gotta love harbor frieght! Phil