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    Blunt knives

    Next helmets will be mandatory, just in case you were to slip in the shower. If I were living with somebody who was going to stab me, I would think a suitcase would be the best safety equipment to try... or we could also issue rubber baseball bats. Am I the only one that feels the entire world...
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    Destructive Testing 80CrV2

    One of the most common mistakes in the entire knifemaking community has been in misunderstandings arising from “flex” testing. Flex testing almost immediately goes off the rails with terminology, that is in flexing vs. bending; if the blade takes a set whatsoever, we are no longer flexing but...
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    I have seen a lot of Damascus sold on the market in my years of knifemaking and the alloys used in the mix should be common sense, and one of the first considerations, so I feel compelled to give a rare endorsement due to that factor. I have personally watched Randy Haas and son make their...
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    Re heat treat 1095

    My ears were itching. How are you annealing? The anneal should not be necessary, all you really need to do is eliminate the chances of warpage, while keeping the decarb and oxidation to a minimum, so a stress relieve would be the best bet, just heat to around 1200°F and air cool. Also, any...
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    Collaboration with Matt Gregory

    Nice work! I have tried to collaborate with Matt but his demands were unreasonable. I never understood why I should need to wear the high heels while I worked; seemed too dangerous to run the power hammer that way.
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    Even More Questions

    I think I have an idea of what may be happening here. The magnet is a very general and loose guide. There really is no substitute for training your eye to recognize decalescence. The magnet is only used to quickly check for the shift from ferro-magnetism to para-magnetism and is only touched...
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    Historically Speaking, When ...,

    Two huge factors were firearms taking the dominant role on the battlefield and the industrial revolution. At the same time that you see bladed weapons going very utilitarian and more like cheap trinkets, you see firearms getting all that attention in the way of embellishment and improvement...
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    Have I got this right???

    What he said....;)
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    Historically Speaking, When ...,

    Can’t say anything for certain, but plunge lines were at least necessitated by the advent of the ricasso. The ricasso was ushered in by two factors- fighting styles that brought the fingers more often in front of the guard to control the blade and steel production technologies that allowed for...
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    Last weeks European Quillon Dagger class at the SOFA ABS school in Troy, OH

    Last week I taught a specialized European Quillon Dagger class at the SOFA ABS school in Troy Ohio. The weather was great, especially compared to what I left in Michigan. This class focuses on the dagger as an actual historical artifact with emphasis on classic function and design, a total...
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    Question on 52100

    Chromium has a much higher affinity with carbon than iron does, this has an effect on diffusive processes, thus you get deeper hardening due to the suppression of pearlite formation. 1095 loves to make pearlite with proeutectoid carbide sheets, it really needs to be coaxed to ball that carbide...
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    52100 steel

    Hello Doug, Rather than clutter up the knife steel reference pages with my technobabble, if you would like to do a private message or discuss it in the Heat Treatment forum I would be happy to explain it better.
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    52100 steel

    I am currently up to my elbows in 52100 lab testing and study. I have dozens of samples of various heat treatments mounted for polish and I need to go out to the shop yet today and prep a dozen more on which the mounting should be fully hardened. My first DVD was 1080/1084 and with 52100 I...
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    Top three mistakes rookies make,,,

    Thank you, Chris. What Chris said about a certain item automatically equaling a certain alloy is very much my position as well, and this situation is only getting more true as time goes on and manufacturers find more cost effective ways of producing those items. But it goes so far beyond this...
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    Top three mistakes rookies make,,,

    Thanks for the kind words Gene, for both of those sites, as my responsbilities to the ABS forum increase I am having a harder time telling one from the other. As for my vote for the number one mistake, and I may sound like a broken record, but I have learned from my mistakes and many other...