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    Medium sized trapper

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    Damascus Bird and Trout

    Randy, I’ve been stamping my mark into damascus and it turns out real nice after etching.
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    Another Folder

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Another Folder

    Beautifully done! Is there a trick to preventing the little stabbies when using lighting strike carbon?
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    Feathered Skinner

    Thanks guys. Validation of a design is huge for me. I spent 18 years in Kodiak and hunted alot. Hunting light, and ease of movement through the brush was important enough for me that I hunted the last 9 years handgun only. I was good with a 44 and a cross chest carry never got hung up in the...
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    Feathered Skinner

    Hi, I took a linerlock class with Bill Burke and Dave Lisch a few months ago and have used my lockdown time wisely, making folders. This one is of my own design, and crushed Ws feathered 1084/15n20 damascus. Liners are Ti. Scales are local elk on bronze spacer.. Rick Dunkerly and Tracy’s...
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    Radiusing Titanium

    I’ve been working on Ti framelocks (manually, not CNC), and am wondering what other makers are doing to get a clean radius on the outside corner of the titanium. Lets say .125 thick for now. The best I can do right now is a 45 degree chamfer on the grinder.
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    WTB Rod Neilsen magnetic disc hub

    Drop me a message if you have one of these to sell
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    Shield inlay idea?

    Attach a high speed spindle to the side of your mill turret