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    Sweeping plunge line? Grind line?

    It’s an old Iroquois word meaning “smells like ben gay and dirty feet”
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    Belt grinder on ebay: Is it worth the money?

    ... not that you intend to thread rifle barrels, but if you ever wanted to...
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    Belt grinder on ebay: Is it worth the money?

    Don’t overlook the spec which shows how thick a piece of stock you can pas through the chuck / spindle. I can’t tell you just how useful that is. You want to be able to do your work right up against the chuck so that your workpiece doesn’t get deflected by the side pressure of the cutting...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    A repeat customer of mine who has become a friend approached me a couple of months ago. He wanted to give his son a Christmas present of making his own knife and asked if I’d be willing to do that. My answer was ABSOLUTELY!! I’ve known his son for about six years. He was a kid starting...
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    Motor forward and reverse

    Yes it can be done. It will require several relays and switches. You may be better off buying a mechanically interlocked reversing contactor / motor starter. Here is a good explanation: It may be less expensive to buy an inexpensive 3...
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    Finished Oak handled Damascus Utility

    Fred, you knocked it out of the park!
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    What are these called and where do I get some

    You can do this on a full tang as well by inserting a threaded bushing in the pin hole.
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    KDs Best of 2020....

    nonsense! I couldn’t be more excited!
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    KDs Best of 2020....

    I kind of went on an Elk Antler spree this year. Not the best pics, but here are a couple that were a break from my norm. I make a lot of the same knives over and over again because they’re my sellers. I think I’m going to seriously throttle back on orders this year and focus on pushing...
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    reenlist knife

    that is a Pakistani copy of a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife. The FS design is a hallmark of the British military and came into being around 1941.
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    Best friction folder so far.

    nicely done! the burl is incredible. I really like the blade shape and the proportions of the knife overall.
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    Final glue up , oak handle.

    Looks beautiful, Fred!
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    A Bucket Of Beans - How Do You Store Your Kitchen Knives?

    I have two knife blocks on the counter. I also have a magnetic strip on the wall behind them that I'm not allowed to use because my wife is sure that knives left out in the open will jump off the wall and cut someone's fingers off... (says the woman who STILL puts knives in the sink on occasion!)
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    HT Oven question

    my evenheat holds 350 degrees like a champ. Cooling down to 350 from 1975° takes a very long time. The saving grace for me is that I’m most often using AEBL so I can use that time for cryo. If I’m not doing stainless then I use the kitchen oven to temper.
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    Silver Solder or JB Weld Hidden Tang Guard?

    If the fit is already seamless then JB Weld is perfect because all you’re trying to do is avoid water / moisture intrusion and make it all solid. that’s my view. JB Weld works like a champ on metal to metal bonding.