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    Recycled vise/stamping jig

    That is a nice setup. Is it possible to tap some holes and make some clamps to hold the blade while you stamp it?
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    1/4" Reamer..Drill bit size?

    Up to 1/2 inch reamers you should use 1/64 under the reamer. Run the reamer at half the speed of the drill and double the feed rate.
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    S7 tool steel.??

    S7 is listed in the charts as having less wear resistance than A2. I think it would be better suited to a chopper that would take alot of abuse. Joe
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    Bcs game

    There is no way a Vol fan can pull for Alabama. How many years since anyone other than the SEC has won the BCS?
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    How To Finish Micarta/G-10

    If you have access to a bead blaster it gives it a good texture but a very dull finish.
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    update Giveaway!1st 100 people - New G10 Colored Liner/Spacer in .030" and .060"

    Mine came in the mail yesterday. Now I need to figure out what to put it on.
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    Drilling hardened steel revisited

    I would go with the slower speeds. Going down to only 600 RPM is more for woodworking.
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    How do you fill small crevice/crack from pin??

    You can also mix in some dust from the material you are using. It will help fill larger gapss.
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    attack of the mill!!!!!!!

    A vise is good for straight parts, but not so good for irregular ones. You can make a fixture that has a stop pin to keep the blade from doing the helicopter thing. You can also put a step in it to keep it from pulling up too much. I learned it a little easier than you did, I only had enough of...
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    screwing on bolsters

    Are the bolsters thick enough to use a blind hole? I don't think there is a way to hide the screws if they come through the front. Joe
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    Why can't I drill a 1/4" hole?

    Most masonry bits are over sized. Joe
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    Ernie's First Passaround

    I am sorry for not posting sooner, time got away from me. I like the knife it is a solid design with a few flaws that I cannot add to from other reviews. The biggest for me are the thickness (needs to be about 1/8"), the point on the end of the handle and the ride of the sheath. It did every...