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    Belt Grinder Should I

    To answer the question of step vs variable speed: A 3 to 4 step pulley is significantly better than single speed, but there are times when even the slowest speed will be a bit too fast. A VFD is a game changer, and the first time I put one on a grinder, I immediately regretted not doing it...
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    Clever advice please

    Seems like the above "cleaver" profile has been gaining in popularity for "outdoor cooking", due, primarily to the "Almazan Kitchen" channel on youtube/social media. I don't particularly see it as any more useful than a traditional Chinese cleaver like Martin Yan uses. I guess it depends on the...
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    Cyberpunk project "Mnemonic"

    Now that is cool! I like it.
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    Looking titanium button head

    Can I ask what you use them for? That seems very long for such a small screw. There's a reason you don't find them readily available.
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    Attaching steel to copper

    Just stick a couple of screws into a piece of wood and practice some file work. If you don't like it, no harm, no foul.
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    Shocking Grinder

    I normally don't have much of a problem with static on my grinder, but I was sharpening a scraper a couple of days ago and was getting lit up! I saw a couple of bright blue sparks jumping from my fingers to the grinder from nearly an inch away. If I keep a finger touching the back of the...
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    Grind line radius help

    Unless you have a radius on the corner of your platen, the J-flex are always going to give you a tight radius. You may be overhanging the same amount as an x-weight, but the belt is still going to take the shape of your platen corner for the most part, which for most guys is around a 90 degree...
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    Broken blade

    250 Fahrenheit? I doubt that’s nearly enough, especially for stainless. You may have also had a stress riser in the middle of your “choil” from its initial shaping, or possible from the plunge.
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    Magazine Ad?

    What's a magazine? :D
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    Axis Deer Stag give away

    In. Thanks!
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    I wonder.......

    I have a beard, so this is one of the few respirators that I can effectively use. For what they charge for the thing, I do wish they'd upgrade the mouth piece. I suppose it's more than adequate as is, but it could be a little more comfortable. My other complaint is that it's made from very thin...
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    Need custom tools.

    I’d probably just get a suitable piece of bar stock for the platen, the grind a 36” radius into it. A 36 grit belt should rough it out pretty quickly, then just clean it up with finer grits and mount it up. Heat treat would be nice, though not completely necessary.
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    Glass platen

    There's a seller on eBay HERE who will do custom lengths if you message them first.
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    K26 soft brick

    If your building an oven, k23 bricks insulate / hold heat a lot better than k26.
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    New toy!

    Curious to see how it works making sheaths. Keep up updated!