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    Makers Mark Stencils Comparison

    Man I'm interested. I'd love to hear more!
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    I'm Back...With A New Hip

    I had a partial knee replacement. At first it was all great. 3 months in I thought I'd made a mistake. Long story short 8 months in and all is well.
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    DIY Buffer, searched and want to make sure my set-up is ok.

    I hate to say it but's from your 6" arbor extension. Too much slop where it slides over your motor shaft so when you tighten set screw it goes off center. I used a setup like that and never had a problem but it's annoying. I ended up buying a buffer from Eastwood Tools and love it.
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    Delicious Maple

    Love it
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    Opinions on Design

    Dang I can't imagine. Bring it on. Thanks for sharing
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    Looking for a short cut

    I cut a thin metal plate in the shape of my oscillating tool then used industrial Velcro to stick it to the oscillating sander attachment. I use the small 3M feathering glue like I do on my disc sander. Works for me.
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    building a cannon...

    And it stores better than gasoline. A local WV company makes conversions for most generators to work off propane.
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    No typing or much of anything else for awhile.

    I hate to tell you but don't trust your doctor on the carpal tunnel fix. Been there done that. Several friends who can attest to that also.
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    New Grinder in the House!

    NICE! I love my NR but I don't have the tilt.
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    I may actually shed a tear...

    90% of the panels that are rated 20/30 or 20/40 are specifically designed to put SLIM line breakers (don't confuse them with TANDEM breakers) in them instead of a full size breaker. Some are designed to only accept slim lines in the bottom 6 spaces. I'm just saying TANDEM breakers are NOT CODE...
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    I may actually shed a tear...

    A "PIGGY-BACK-BREAKER" is a breaker that fits in a single pole breaker slot and will have 2 reset buttons on them. Depending on the panel manufacturer most of them make them. So for every 1 of these you put in you pick up a Single Space. If you put 2 in your panel you can pick up 2 spaces and...
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    HT Oven question

    That's why I have a toaster oven controlled by a PID. My heat treat treat oven takes forever to get down to tempering temps. I've also heard leaving the heat treat oven open to rapidly cool down is bad for the elements. IDK
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    Shaping Handles?

    After reading after my post I'm thinking people got confused I didn't mention if was a oscillating SPINDLE sander. It's my go to for shaping handles with complete dust control with a simple shop vac. Bench top model has a awesome table that allows your hands to be steady for sanding handles.
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    Shaping Handles?

    No I'm talking about a honest to goodness palm sander that uses 1/6th sand paper instead of the common 1/4 sheet. Super small and able to do detail sanding. It's awesome but they don't make it anymore. I use it over my home made down draft sanding table hooked up to my shop vac. Use it on every...
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    Shaping Handles?

    Lately mostly for dust control I've been using a oscillating bench top sander. With a shop vac hooked up it works great with dust control. It came with wheels from 2" down to 1/2" diameter. Sanding drums are expensive but not necessary. A tip I learned on here or another knife forum was to cut...