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    What's going on in your shop?

    Did you happen to video the mokume process? I always like to see how others make theirs.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Finished this one up for a client the other day. He said he wanted a hunter/skinner combo with a good size belly. Another client had asked for something similar so I sent him a pic and it was exactly what he was looking for. 154CM Stainless Steel OAL - .9.75" Blade Length - 5" Stainless...
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    Order Books

    I have a spreadsheet that tracks costs, gives me a total of my cost for a knife and then i have different profit percentages added onto the base cost. For invoices and tracking, I use It's free, creates nice invoices with my logo for my customers, can handle deposits, etc.
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    Belt Storage

    I have them on hooks on the wall. Of course, I'm a belt hoarder (i'm getting help....) so after the hooks fill up they fall on the floor, hang on my drill press, etc.
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    Ya know what grinds my gears?

    How that first coat of Tru-oil manages to find all the defects in your sanding and finishing. Even though you've sanded to 1500 and can't see a single flaw......
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    Knifemaker's Vise....

    I haven't been "bit" yet by the knife in the vise and hope to avoid it. When I have one in, I generally toss a bunched up tshirt over the blade, then if I do hit it, I only get a little poke.
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    Knifemaker's Vise....

    I have one similar to Randy's that I got from a guy in a FB knife group. It works great. Grips the knife with rubber pads, spins all directions, etc. I think it cost me $60
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    KBAC VFD controller tip(s)

    I installed a kbac a few months back for my NWG and can't believe I waited as long as I did to do it. It was worth the cost to have the speed control. Just do it!
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    Knife Care Woes

    Different types of materials sliced (foods) have different effects on the metal and what was done afterwards also has big effects. Though I'm sure you know this. Is that pitting I see in the blade? If it is, that doesn't seem normal after a single use.
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    Pin & Hole Sizing - What method do you use?

    The number one piece of advice for mosaic pins is DO NOT OVERHEAT THEM!. If you do you can discolor the epoxy or worse weaken it and then stuff falls out. I grind/shape my handles almost to the final thickness and then glue in the pins. Also be careful using the 36 or 60 grit belts. They can...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    This stabby pokey thing turned out alright. Thanks to Mark K. for the musk ox horn and the handling tips!
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    Work area lighting

    I have two of these in my shop and they are outstanding! When I walk in I am cautious not to look up or else you see spots. I used to have the cheapo florescents and had to re-wire to have sockets for these but it was worth it. I got these based on the old thread we had about this.
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    Hey, John Wilson (and any one else!!!)

    Drill your pin holes (scale and bolster) before heat treat (says the voice of experience in my head).
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    Cryo Treatment Of AEB-L

    Dewars? I don't think dipping knives in Scotch is going to help..... ;)
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    Grinding Jig: Build or Buy?

    I have one that I use from . I just have the jig itself and not the tool arms. I use it for hogging off material and then I also freehand some. He also has plans (free) that you can build yourself. He has videos on youtube showing it in action