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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    You see we declared bankruptcy two years ago, this was from the medical bills incurred with the 12 years of TM my wife had. We did not include the house. We thought we were good and in time we could overcome the bankruptcy!! Then came the cancer diagnosis, and more medical bills! Then the...
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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Guys I post this, in some ways a heavy heart and in some ways a wave of relief came over me with this. My wife has decided to quit fighting the cancer! She has signed up with Hospice and for the time she has left. She will not hurt! They take no measures to fight the cancer but commit to keeping...
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    Curly maple hunter

    She's a beauty, love that curly maple handle! It has some serious even curl. A lot of times you will see a handle that looks good on one side and not so good on the other!! A very good use of materials. Really like everything about it!
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    Simple guard/ferrule flute jig

    Ed, that is a great tip! It is so damn simple I wish I had thought of it!!!
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    Filling gaps

    That may be a do over! If the scales were tight before you sanded down to finish, you overheated the metal and cooked the scales and liner loose!! The dark stain on the handle material indicates it over heated!! Others may have better ideas!
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    Need To Find Some Of These

    That looks like an emery paper, if it is. Harbor Freight carries this 9 In. X 11 In. Emery Cloth Sanding Sheets 60 grit 100 grit 150 grit 220 grit They also carry an assortment pack Cut to fit and...
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    Buckeye Burl Hunter

    Nothing not to like about that one! Very good grasshopper!
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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Thanks Sean!!
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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    I haven't updated in a while and I wish it was better news! She had a PET scan on Tuesday of this week. We went to the Cancer Clinic yesterday to get the results and to see if they would continue with the immune therapy treatments she is currently taking. Due to the Covid 19 virus I was not...
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    Every once in a while somebody just wants a big Bowie.

    In case some are not familiar with Marks work. I have been following him for years. His handles are in themselves a masterpiece. Here is a shot of another masterpice that he had posted on another forum years ago! So if you think I am out of line poking fun at Mark. I am just honoring the master...
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    Every once in a while somebody just wants a big Bowie.

    You take everything simple and just muck it up!! Damn, Mark you got my attention on this one! Holly cow the handle components alone are fantastic so far. Can't wait to see this one when done! You know I don't think I would have thought of something like you are doing with this one. I like the...
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    Hand sanding Lubricant

    Good to see you up and kicking. Was thinking about that I hadn't seen a post from you recently!! "Unicorn tears" now that is funny!! I have used Marvel Mystery Oil and had good results. My father used to believe in the stuff and the distinct smell makes me...
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    Corona Knife

    Wow, real nice Fred! The only thing I can say is. "What is not to like about that one". Not a thing my friend not a thing!!
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    Double blade trapper

    Wow, I like it!!
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    New Forge

    I am the guy who is going to suggest if you don't have it fastened to the cart, "DO IT" I will tell you if you are rolling it one day the cart is going to hang on something. Don't ask how I know! OK I will tell you. In my case I had just finished using the forge outside and let it cool down...