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    2nd annual KD July KITH

    Hi Sean. I hate to do this..........But please remove me from the Kith this year. Too much going on to participate. Thanks. Bennie
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    Guess What..........I had my first interview

    Awesome Ernie! Way to go!
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    First carving

    The pattern was a picture that i drew from the internet. ( I can't draw animals from memory). The knife I used was from a starter set from Tandy. Thanks for the encouragement. I decided to go to a leather working forum to try and help me do my sheaths better.
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    Sheath for Nathan Dewey balisong

    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.
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    First carving

    This is the first carving I've ever tried in leather. Pics are not the greatest but I think it came out good. Hope you enjoy. Any and all critics or tips very welcome and appreciated.
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    Hunting knife, RWL34 steel, Brown malee burl handle.

    Sweet looking knife and sheath. Keep up the good work.
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    Off subject, Morels and a well used knife

    Man you are lucky. I do so love Hickory chickens. haven't been able to find any this year.
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    My first WIP Mosaic damascus "Sujihiki"

    Love the wip so far. Thanks for sharing.
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    Buildalong, langseax

    That looks great man. Thanks for the W.I.P.
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    Twisted damascus with Ramon burl

    That looks really sweet.
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    Ouch! What to safely cover blade with

    If you have access to a machine shop in your area see if they will let you have the plastic covers that come on their new band saw blades. These work great for me and you can cut them to the size you need.
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    My 2010 muzzle loader goat

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    Latest knife

    Still. Very nice looking knives.
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    I am a knife maker!!!!!!

    Very nice knife. Great job. Keep up the good work.
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    Stacked leather handle

    I have a stacked leather handle to form and I was wondering what tools would be best to form it other than my sander which seems to just burn the leather. Any recommendations? Thanks Bennie