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Hi Gene...I'm finally making some headway...You'll be the second in line to get one of these. (the sheath maker's gonna make me a few sheaths for one of these in trade.) I hope to be starting on handles this week...

Thanks so much for your patience!
Gene Kimmi
Gene Kimmi
No problem. I'm just glad to see you able to get back into it. And I can already tell it will be worth the wait!
Hey Walt-
Bill Hubbell here. Life has kind of pulled me away from making knives but my heart is still in it. I think of you every now and then and sometimes wonder how you are doing. I was searching KD for some info today and saw that apparently you posted or something in August 2020. So, thought I'd rattle your cage. Hoping and praying that you and your loved ones are doing well!

Hold on cuz here comes 2021!
Hello Ray, I am interested in the ball peen hammmer/axe head that you have listed on the forum. I would like to purchase it if it is still available.
Sculptor, mold maker, custom knife and sword maker for over 30 years. I specialize in large double edged knives and swords and ceremonial athames.
Hey thanks for approving my request to join this group! I have been a knife maker for over 30 years and I am having trouble finding shows to do anymore because of Covid. Can you direct me to info on posting knives for sale here please. I wanna make sure I don't overpost or post in wrong place.
Hey Thanks for approving my request to join this forum! All orf my Art shows have been getting cancelled because of Covid so I really appreciate this avenue to post. Can you direct me to the page on posting custom knives for sale. I wanna post several new ones on this site that I just finished, but I wanna make sure I don't abuse the privilege or piss anybody off.
J. Doyle said this: "You can have it John, if you want it. I don't need it, I have a bunch. But the price was right." John said he didn't want it either.

So, it's yours. PayPal $90.05 to: and it's yours.


Bruce McLeish
Bruce McLeish
hey Ray , you need to message John Wilson. I'd like it ,but can;t afford it.
Full line of high-quality hunting, pocket, and kitchen knives made from Damascus, Carbon, and Stainless Steel.

We also make leather sheaths & holster for knives, guns, and cutting tools.

Outsourcing manufacturing (OEM/ODM)
Hey Branson1369. From you're profile, I see you are from the NC Foothills. So am I! Whereabouts? I'm in Mt. Airy. My email is: Give me a shoutout sometime.
I am in Lake Lure email is and cellular 919-906-4932

Very glad to see your spurring on the Neo Tribal conversation.

I will shoot you an email and really appreciate you reaching out!

Hey Mark, I "Think" I was left off the list. I will pare with Billy O if you don't have me pared with someone already. If he really wants to get in.
Mark Barone
Mark Barone
Oh man how did I forget that. Although it works well. Thanks so much. I will let you know if it’s him. If not we will figure it out. Move things around.
No problem, I can always make one for myself! Hahaha!
Hmm, looks like i sent you this n your profile instead of a messsge......
I just saw your post about ironwood folder scales. Are you looking to piece them out, or are you wanting to sell them all together? I don't make a ton of folders and don't need 15 sets. But if you are wanting them gone, I can offer you $150 for them.


First time post for magazine Knives Illustrated.
I would imagine it's simply a paid ad agency posting but also the members here might get some exposure and that, to me, offsets the spam.
I'll see what they do in the future.