Zombie killer, tactical elvish, and simple camp chopper


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Some biggish blades I forged out for the Blade Show.

This one is the second of the blades inspired by Chris Redfield's Resident Evil 5 knife that I've forged. The steel is 5160, handle is black TeroTuf with flared stainless steel rivets. Blade length is 16 3/4", overall length is 21 3/4"

I happily appropriate the term "tactical elvish" from my buddy Tobin Nieto to describe this blade. It ended up being fairly close to my recollection of one of the rejected designs for Sting from Weta Workshops. Now, if I saw the picture again, I might find I'm wrong. :D
5160 and TeroTuf, blade length of 14 1/4", OAL of 19 5/8".

And a simple camp chopper forged from 80CrV2, with marine epoxy-impregnated paracord over neoprene. Blade is 12", OAL is 18 1/4".