Will not be around

Take care Geo. Lord, guide the doctors hand. Enjoy the time off and meet some nice nurses. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
No doubt you'll be up rollin in no time. Don't forget your "Indian" decal to put on your wheelchair. We can't have Indian George rollin around in just any ol' wheelchair at the hospital. You gotta customize it.

If I were closer buddy,your chair would be sportin' this...

'nuff said.:biggrin:
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It should be ok to sterilize instruments in but I wouldn't let the doctor taste the stuff until after surgery. And make sure the nurse that does your IV knows its hot before she tastes it. You don't want her to find an alternate site for the IV!
Oh yea, tell them to count their tools and not leave any pliers or wrenches in there and if they do to make sure they are of good quality. he!he!
A man can always use a good saw.:drool:

I just wanted to get in a little practice for when you get back home.

I'll have my so call friends asking me to leave them something in my will. BBBB Beaver wants my 300# Fisher, Troop wanted it too, but BBBB Beaver asked first and Paul S. wants Jaguar (Keeshond) and Sweetheart (Quaker parrot). Nice guys, UHHHH????HEHEHEHEHEHE!!
Thanks Guys!!! I am home they couldn't do it.:mad: I have to much blockage.:red_indian: Have to go in for open heart surgery. I just hope they can find the Ole Heart???? HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!
The Hammer-In may not occur in Sept.:frown:

Sorry to Here this George.
I am sending smoke your way.
I am sure you will heal quick and be back at it soon.
You'll do just fine they do these procedures all the time now.
My mother went in for a triple by pass a couple of years ago at the age of 85!
she is doing great. she said she was not ready to hang it up.
Good luck and god bless speedy recovery.