What a Push !!!

Frank Niro

I attend one local knife show a year and perhaps have only five or six walk in customers in a year. Anything else in sales comes by way of the internet, goes out to a dealer, or my son who loves to honor me by selling my folders. Within the last four days I've had two people phone and come to the house. The fellow who came on Saturday immediately bought a new styled small folder I started to make a month or so ago but just finished up two of. Boy did this excite me. That night I had an email from another gentleman saying he was in the market for one of my larger folders to be used as a hunter, I immediately got on one I had started and managed to get it finished last night. The gentleman arrived today at the time we arranged and within a few seconds of him coming through the door we were talking knives. He was carrying a bunched up plastic bag with what I figured was going to be a couple of knives in there for me to sharpen . We sat down in front of my computer which I thought would be the right place to show pictures of my work and on line materials. Well he pulled two in cases out of that bag. One was a straight knife hunter in the last styling I had come up with ; the other was a large hunter styled folder which was probably the first one I made. Both were in mint condition, never used and both over 15 years old. My heart just about jumped out onto the desk. He asked me a couple of questions about each and added "I thought you might like to see these again that I bought from your son". It was now time to show him the two folders I had on the desk in cases. In about one minute, he asked me some pertinent questions and the price for both, opened his wallet and had the money out. I was some pleased and of course I had to be smiling from ear to ear. "Well" he said "there goes the deposit money I had for the two I knew I wanted to order". Xmas had come early for this little fat guy ! And yes he did order two more with stainless Damascus blades, bolsters and mammoth ivory scales. Well, I am on the old side but heaven or that other place is going to have to wait until I can complete his order. After all he must be an a walking angel. Well I sure think so don't you?
For those of you who have read all of this I believe you have felt the same over the top excitement for yourselves. I hope I did again give you a recall. Frank
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Thats great to hear Frank :)
Congratulations :)

And i felt something like it yeah but not knife sales (so far;))
Keep up the good work
We all need that push and sometimes its a long way in between them. I can feel the excitement from here.

I had a push last year when a guy called the shop wanting to look, stopped by and bought all three knives I had on the bench. It's nice to know people appreciate what you make.

Good post Frank!
When you make a great product... people come back for more, Frank. Great to see you so excited!
There is hope after all !!!!
Congrats Frank, ....it's nice to know you/we aren't wasting our time and be reminded of it once in a while.

That was a great story , I lovde the part when he pulled out your knives from 15 years ago . Thats awesome ..
Ive been making and selling knives for about 3 or 4 years now and I just sold my 90th knife. I would love to see one that I made 4 years ago let alone 15.. Im hoping I will see that and get that excitement too one day .

Thank you people !!! I know a little recall on the "special" events often will give us a bit more power to go with. Mickey, remember the people who buy your knives do so because they like them !!! After any bargaining or trading, that's what it's all about. Pat yourself on the back for that, Mr. !!! Frank
Congrats Frank,
Yep it's like a visit from a old friend when I have seen a few of mine come back in the door. I had a 9" Chef knife from about 10 years ago come back to visit a couple of months ago. I remembered the customer's polite and pretty wife & young daughter from the dog park where I met them all doing finish sanding on knife handles while the dogs played.

When I asked he told me that the daughter is finishing college this year. Time flys when you are having fun!

Congrats on the sales and the visit from your children.
Gee wiz, Don, it's true, but I can still reach far enough to lay the steel on the grinding belt. No, Tracy, I don't want that added to my introduction to threads. Frank
Lawrence, I certainly see you "enjoying it all" . Did you go to the park to meet and enjoy more people, avoid the dust from doing the sanding or you just couldn't get enough of the making?
Once you've been around the making thing for a while it usually hasn't got a lot to do with how good you are but that there is real EXCITEMENT there for us. Frank
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:thumbup:Congratulations Frank!! Sounds like a profitable & rewarding day. Good things for good folk!!

Excited customers are always good for renewed enthusiasm. Could'nt happen to a more deserving gentelman!!