Welcome to our newest Knife Club - Kansas Custom Knifemakers Assoc.


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Welcome to our newest knife club forum. Andy Garrett will wear the red suspenders here...

If you have a knife club that needs a forum home, we will set you up a forum at no charge.
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Andy Garrett

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Thanks for the welcome gents!

I am just the moderator of our new forum. Steve Culver, ABS MS is our president, and I will invite him to log on and issue a proper opening statement for this new outlet.

For now, allow me to express my gratitude, on behalf of the KCKA, to Tracy Mickley. Within hours of my first contact, he had us up and running here. Thanks my friend.

You may read more about the KCKA, it's mission, and its membership at www.kansasknives.org

This forum exists to provide real-time information exchange for public consumption. It serves the membership of the KCKA and anyone who has questions or comments about who we are and what we do. All rules governing the use of this forum are established by KnifeDogs.com. Please respect them.

Let the games begin!

Dan Dick

Thanks to KnifeDogs.com

I want to extend my thanks Tracy to you for assisting Andy in getting our new KnifeDogs.com Forum set up, THANKS!!

Dan Dick
Secretary, KCKA

mike miller

This is a good group of guys up there. Welcome and congratulations on your forum. Dan and Andy see you this weekend in Wichita.

Andy Garrett

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I take it you'll be at the Chisolm Trail show? I should be there fondling all those things I can't afford. lol

I did get some nice handle material at the last show though.

See ya Saturday fellas!

Steve Culver

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Wow, you guys are quick!! I had to get a knife to the point of gluing the handle slabs on today, before I had time to check the forum. Obviously, you fellas need to spend more time in your shops. :D

Thanks to all for the warm welcome. It's great to be on KnifeDogs!!

Ed Day

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I would like to thank you all that got this up and running. Great club and great members. hi steve, andy, dan, and my friend dave from diller ill see you soon. Ed


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Thanks Knife Dogs!

I am happy to see the club is expanding and wish to thanks the people at Knife Dogs for the space for the KCKA Fourm. I hope to see you all in Diller! Kevin...
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