Week 2 Photo Contest Voting CLOSED

I've looked through all the photos at least 5-6 times. Got my choice narrowed down to 3 fine looking photos but HHH Knives gets my vote. The photo just keeps me mesmerized!
Tough choice, several excellent ones. I'll go with Ebbtide, although Doyle's and Thomason's turn my crank as well.
#17 ebbtide
Tough for sure,they are all good.....Some just lil better than the rest....
Hard choice,especially since I haven't been around in awhile...
Much harder than I thought it would be to pick by far.. And this week as made me realize how far out of my league I am.. But I gotta go with Buddy Thomason's ..
But there are many stellar ones.. like HHH, Self made Knives and if The leaf in Bruce's photo had been moved ever so much I think it would be off the charts as well
Ebbtide's image gets my vote. That sharp image, black background and dark reflection makes it look as if you could reach in and grab hold - truly arresting.
The Ebbtide picture is my favorite. The reflection is the kicker also I can't recall a black background anywhere else.
For me it was between Buddy's and Benr.t's I vote for Benr.t.

Buddy's image is super clear, but the knife almost seems too close and too 'in your face' making me feel like I have to lean back to get farther away.

Ben's is super clear, and well lit. The knife is visually balanced and centered. The props aren't my favorite necessarily but overall the photo was just a touch more pleasing to look at to my eye.
Voting is CLOSED....I'll go through and tally the winner...
Winner is Buddy Thomason
Ebbtide is a very close second..
HHH Knives honorable mention....

Congratulations Buddy...