Wannamaker Gun Show- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Ankrom Exotics

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We'll be downstairs again (this is our 2nd trip to Tulsa). We'll be the ones shooting spitwads at Billy.

Come by and say hello.

mike miller

Had the pleasure of setting up next to Newt and Ed Martin of Martin Knives of Texas. Of course Bill Coye had his very good show. I don't know if he knew Saturday went by that fast due to not having slept and getting some knives and sheaths ready . He had his usual groupies there vying for his knives. I think all of us had sucess for the crowd that was there. This year I HAVE NOT heard a good show other than Blade no matter what people want to say. Crowd was down as I am sure the economy has affected all sales.

Cliff Fendley

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The shows are down but I have to disagree on Blade. Attendance was WAY down also. Usually there is a huge line of people waiting to get in when the show opens and this year it wasn't longer than the width of the hallway.

The Knifemakers Guild show is the only good show and putting them all to shame. It has actually grown for the last two years, BIG TIME. You couldn't get through the isles and was that way when the show closed on Sunday. There was almost if not as big of line filing it's way out the door when the Guild Show closed than was waiting to get into Blade when it opened and I'm not exaggerating on that. I still had customers and took an order after closing time on Sunday. I hope it continues to do good.

Some of the guns shows in Louisville that Mike and I have attended over the last couple years have been packed also but then some are slow. The one last year just before Christmas was very crowded so I hope this year is the same.

Bill Coye

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Great time hanging out with Mike Miller and the Martins from Caddo Mills, TX. Good company for sure. I always learn so much from just a short time being around experienced knifemakers. Things have been pretty crazy in my neck of the woods and without an all-nighter I would have had ZERO knives. Mike, I paid those guys to stand around and look interested ;)

I noticed a significant decrease in traffic compared to the two previous shows. There is a gun dealer I know that sells between 50 and 60 guns on Saturday alone...

...this year they only sold 18. Yikes.

There were certainly deals to be found and sellers were willing to haggle. Speaks volumes to the current economic situation.