Vote CLOSED Week 4 Photo Contest - Insets

Week 4 Photo Contest Vote - Insets

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Voting is CLOSED for Week 4 Photo Contest - Insets

You are not voting on how you like the knife. You are voting on how the inset photo all works together to show off the knife.
Some things to look for:
  • Do the colors in each inset match?
  • Does the light match in each insert? (maybe it shouldn't)
  • Do the inset photo's communicate additional information that a single picture wouldn't show?
  • Sometimes an inset isn't of the same "quality" (focus, sharpness, color balance) etc. Are the insets as good as the "main" picture
  • Are the insets arranged complimentary to the "main" picture?
  • Does each inset add something to the "main" picture or is just another view of the same thing?

There are probably more things to consider but that is up to you.

You can not vote for your own knife.
You can vote for multiple winners.

If you didn't enter, consider giving this type of photo a chance.

If someone could throw together a short tutorial on this process, it would be great...
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I voted for BenrT and Self made.
Glad I could vote for two because picking would be tough.
Both of the photos had the insets well into the frame of the feature photo. That helps the eye travel around seamlessly.
Both were good representations of the subject and Ben's gave very pertinent alternate views.
Self-Made's switch of the detail and full view was very original (and something that I realize now, unconsciously copied for the next week… hey… steal from the best :wink: ) and well done.
A good promo piece with the maker's mark up close and personal.
Self Made Knives showed an inset photo in a way that I had not seen done before and it came out great.
These just get harder and harder... you can sure tell that some folks are improving the photos, perhaps without even realizing it... That being said.. Self Made Knives nailed this one.. as stated above... wasn't what I expected. .. Well done
I voted for Buddy and Self Made Knives this time around.

Buddy's image is fantastic. I can't personally recall a more crystal clear photo from top to bottom and edge to edge. Wow! Really makes you want to grab that knife. Wonderful use of the insets to show a different aspect of the details and the insets are as clear and sharp as the main frame.

Anthony's grabbed my attention immediately with the flip flop of the subject, using the up close detail shot as the main frame and the whole knife as the inset. I like it a lot. The colors are great and the picture is clear and sharp.

Most all of these are nice and came really close to garnering a vote from me. One of them seemed closer to a composite than an inset. A couple had the insets that almost disappeared into the main frame. One image was really nice and made excellent use of the insets but left me wanting just a little bit more clarity in the picture overall. And a couple that were pretty well done but the insets didn't show us anything new or particularly interesting that the main frame didn't already show.

But all in all, it looks like everyone across the board is learning and improving and that makes the whole project a success to me.

I would second the idea of a quick tutorial on how to create insets and composites both, even if we were shown the basics and let us practice with the fine details. I have no idea how to do either and would really appreciate it.
Ebbtide gets my vote as it has a very appealing look to overall frame and provides interesting information in the inset with the book. Self Made runs a close second, with the single inset of whole knife, showing creativity and that less is more. I and maybe others made the assumption that 2 or more insets made for a better picture when it really made things too busy and less appealing in some cases.
Self Made and Buddy both show additional information about the knives that you don't see in the main photo. Both have a background that doesn't compete with the subject.
I narrowed my choice down to 2 photos and N.N. got the nod. I liked his presentation... it just caught my eye in a pleasing way.