Utility sheath

Travis E. Daniel

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Saddle stitched and stamped, thanks for looking


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C Craft

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Travis your sheaths are really awesome and the knife is great too. I had the impression for some reason that you were just getting started on sheath work side of the knife making from something that was said in one of your posts I remember seeing a couple of months ago or so. If that is true you are a fast learner, because your sheath work reflects a quality of some one that has been doing leather work for years.

Keep up the great work because you are really setting the bar high! :35:

OK Travis I just went back and looked at your biography and I see this:

member-N.C. custom knifemakers guild member Ga. knifemakers guild Teach knifemaking

I apologize for thinking you were a newbie. :confused2: I don't remember what I read now that gave me that impression! Awesome work on the sheath's!
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Travis E. Daniel

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GrizzlyKnives, After the stamping, the sheath is assembled and sewn. I hand stitch using the saddle stitch90% of the time. After sewing, the edges are trued up and sanded to a 400 grt, then rubbed out with saddle soap and water using an old bed sheet. A light coat of neetsfoot is allowed to level out and dry, then finished off with a coat of neat-lac. thats kinda quick for an explaination, but its really how i do it. I hope you guys like what i do

Travis E. Daniel

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C Craft, I have been making knives for longer than i care to post here, but the leather bug really hit me about 4 months ago. I AM new to that part of the knife making. I teach basic knife making at Montgomery CC in Troy,NC as well as an advanced class. I actually study leather working just like a school boy and look for an excuse to pound some leather around something.. Mr. Paul Long is my HERO and the man has really helped me progress to the point i am now. If I can make one or two as good as his, I can die happy. Still have a long way to go. And thanks so much for the kind words

Sandy Morrissey

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You hit the nail on the head, Travis! They do not get any better than Paul Long. When are you going to come back for a jam session with Chuck and Peggy Patrick?


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Travis, it's the NeatLac that gives your sheaths that soft glow, I really like them. I might have to pick up some of that and give it a try. Any pointers for applying it properly?

Travis E. Daniel

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Sandy, been trying to come up your way just to visit. Hope to see you at the next meeting.

Grizzly, i use a piece of saddle skirting cut up into little squares , and use a circular motion when applying

Paul Long

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Grizzly, I'm almost sure Travis meant to write Saddle Shearling (sheep skin) when he wrote "a piece of saddle skirting" above. It works out to be a nice soft sheepskin pad for applying both the TanKote and the NeatLac (separate pads for each).