The Spaniard


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This was really fun to do,some firsts for me as well,Spanish notch and a single guard bowie as well as leaving hammer marks in a blade.O1 tool steel 8 3/4 blade by 1 1/2 and just shy of 14 inches overall.5/32 at the spine.Copper guard,pinns and liners .Arizona desert iron wood finished it out and did a sheath with a frog.IMAG1547_kindlephoto-81183794.jpgIMAG1546_kindlephoto-82394733.jpgIMAG1545_kindlephoto-82322408.jpgIMAG1544_kindlephoto-81878424.jpgIMAG1543_kindlephoto-82178501.jpgIMAG1542_kindlephoto-82270752.jpgIMAG1541_kindlephoto-82463858.jpg

Wayne Bensinger

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Awesome, you nailed it. As some of the guys here already know, my favorite knives are Bowies and one of my favorite materials to work with is copper, so that one is right up my alley, great knife. Love the leather too.