survey time! What metal and thickness liners are in your slipplies?

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I've talked to a few slippy makers. I'm surprised to find out the variety of liner type and thickness being used so the question is....

What metal and thickness are you using for your slipplies?
I mainly use .040 416 stainless. I have a friend that uses .050 416. He spot welds the bolster and likes to surface grind back the weld marks.
I very seldom use anything over .030 anymore. 410ss because I can get the liners, bolsters, and pins all in 410 so everything blends together good.

Depends on the size of the knife and if it will have bolsters or not. Generally my go to thickness is 0.040". On larger knives 0.050" can look a little better. The scales provide a lot more stiffness than the liners so I would happily go thinner on a shadow pattern knife compared to one with bolsters.
I have only dabbled in slippies, and use what I have on hand. .050 Ti mostly, because I can color it and I also have some .040 410 stainless that looks good for what I do.