Super glue for 2 blade slipjoint?


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I have never made a 2 blade, but started a small 2 blade trapper today. I stuck two pieces of steel together with super glue and am proceeding just as I would with a single blade. I have the double thickness "knife" sitting about .010 high in the closed position and am going to knock the pieces apart and heat treat. I have both blades shaped like the spey blade right now and just planned to profile the clip blade later after I get the liners on it. I don't know how the big boys do it, but this seems to be going pretty well so far. Does anyone see a problem that I am going to run into doing it this way?
That is how I do 2 bladed slipjoints as well. Super glue everything together whilst getting the spring and tang right and then separate them to finish them out.
I know this is probably the most popular way of doing it, but I use the pivot hole on the liners and a strong clamp and add pins as I go to maintain the alignment needed. I tried the CA glue, but went back to this method. Just another way of getting there.