Suggestions to not get cabin fever

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Thursday the 21st I go in to have a bone spur removed from my ankle.
I am looking for suggestions to keep busy but yet not on my foot for 2 weeks. I know I am going to make it about 2 days and the wife will be after me to sit down and stay off my foot.
I have one blade in the final handle sanding stage for the AEB-L but the others still need to be ground and epoxied.
The curve ball is that my only day off till then is the day before surgery.
I know a few of you will jovially say hurry up and get them ground an glued then, I will have something to sit and finish.
The other option is to sit and tie paracord key fobs and bracelets.
Sounds like you've already got a handle on what to do! :) A few years ago when I had my lung surgeries, it put me in a recliner for 9 weeks....... That was my excuse to buy our first flat screen TV, and build another computer to hook to it. I suspect in your case the Doc is going to want you moving as soon as possible, so if you're like most of us....... the Doc might say two weeks....but what you're gona hear is "Two days".
Speaking from the experience of recovering from hip replacement, load up the DVR (if you have one) with stuff you've been wanting to watch, but havn't had time. Get a clipboard or make something so you can design knives while sitting on the couch, or in the recliner, whatever... Heck, I broke out my old Playstation2 and Madden03 last year with my hip...
I talked to the doc about this and he said it will be a day or two to rest then two weeks in a walking boot/cast. Ed your right the two days is gonna be the max I sit. Lol Thanks Anthony very helpful.
Baily I still have the last unfinished wifey do list, I may just have to present it to her again.
Wiredude I may have to use the new clip board and all the drawing stuff I got for Christmas and design a new to me knife.
I got a request for a bull nosed skinner from the uncle in law.
I also am getting a few ready to finish sand also.
Here is one handle that is rough profiled. Just a old ugly pice of local oak. Kinda burlish swirly and is so seasoned it laughs at the slightly worn belt.


Walt I just spent near a year off my feet. It's a great time to improve your leather craft skills. I must of made 30 sheaths for my best seller profile. I currently only work a couple of hour 3 days a week in the shop but, find I'm still making leather goods.

My favorite movies are old westerns. I must have viewed everyone ever made during that time.

A must view DVD set is Chuck Burrows sheath making set. I also improved my knife designing work on a computer.

While hard to be off your feet, it's a lot easier when you remember the alternative.

You're in my prayers...

Sample of a mountain man bowie design.
Get a clipboard or make something so you can design knives while sitting on the couch . . .

Excellent suggestion. I draw a lot of knives and make very few in the colder months in Nebraska. I.E. 6 months of winter. My knife shop in is the front of the garage and when it is 2 degrees out like today. . . I sit at the kitchen table and draw knives instead of dress in 47 layers and braving the cold garage.

Get some 1/4 inch graph paper and draw a bunch of knives that you wish to build in the future. It beats television.

Heal well, heal soon!

Djinn, I did know majority of them were seated while working. It seems to be part of the old culture of humble yet proud origin.
The issue is that I am supposed to keep the foot elevated, it can be done but limits many of the motions I use for grinding. Lol it does worm for hand sanding though, tried it the other day.
DeMo thank you and sounds a bit brisk in your garage.
My work area is on the back porch so it is similar on cold days I'm outta luck or am a lizard only work when the suns out. Lol
Tactically Sharp, that is a beautiful bowie. I'm gonna guess that it started with a blade image and the guard and handle were drawn on?
The alternative is much worse that a few days of minimal mobility.
I guess if I ever made the same guard on my knives it would be pretty easy to stock pile sheaths. For some reason I can copy a blade Iade before and the guard ends up different than the other either longer or shorter and, some times wider. It all depends on the handle materials shape. Antler is never the exact same dimensions has been my luck.

I am stocked up on paracord and leather as well as paper and pencil. It will be interesting to see what kind of doodles resemble knives.
Well today is day two of couch& bed surfing and am already tired of it. Went 11 hrs w o pain pill and still never felt the pain I did before so, I am thinking that the doc fixed it.
Here is first doodle Idea thus far. Am not done with the tip of the blade.