stainless steels


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I'm looking to get into a different stainless than my normal cpm154. I've had enough of the sandy grit I seem to find when getting my egde thinned out. What is a good alternative?


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I also wanted to get away from CPM-154. I got some RWL34 and just in process of using it now. Only a couple folder blades and 1 larger knife started. Grinds and drills real nice. About all I can say for now but from what others tell me its a great steel.


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AEB-L is a great steel. I’ve found it works well for smallish knives up to 4-5” blade length. It holds a very nice edge and is easily sharpened to more than serviceable levels. I can’t say definitively that cryo makes a huge difference but I do it anyway.

Alden Cole

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Anyone have experience with AEB-L in a larger knife, such as a camp knife? The charts show that it has high toughness, if I remember right, but was wondering what people's experiences with it were.