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Got to take a snow day from customers and played in the shop. little coffee, little snow. lots of elbow grease and I got to try out a new pattern I've been fooling with.

all in all a great day :biggrin:


Snake wood scales
410ss liners
O1 blade & spring
6" open


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one day for the build.... I all ready had the pattern drawn in cad. I got started early and profiled the blade and spring then got them fit up on my rise and fall gauge. then ground ruff the blade and hardened the blade & spring. blade went right to the oven for tempering. had the blade and spring back on the bench by noon ready for finish grind.

while the blade was tempering I started ruffing out the liners and scales. after lunch I did the finish grind and put it all together just in time for happy hour :)

it was a long day, but I got it done. my trouble is slowing down... I look at the great folders the guys make here and hope someday I might get there too. I know the I need to watch things closer and take my time to do that.


That's cool I love it, one day?
I really like the knife. I'm very new at this and I am hooked on making folders. I have the same problem you do. It is hard for me to slow down and really take my time. I want to see how it is going to turn out! I bet that after a few more it will be easier to slow down. You already know you can make a really nice knife, so the suspense is gone there. I'm looking forward to seeing some more.