SNEKG Hammer-In

Indian George

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I am tentatively scheduling the HI for April 16th. at my shop in New Bedford, Ma.
We will be having door prizes.
Micro forge
Knife vise
Handle material
Wayne Coe's bottle opener:3:
HT'g Relish ( World Famous):innocent:
I open for suggestion for other door prizes.:biggrin:
If you want to be in the drawing, your dues ($20)must be paid up for 2011. All paid members will be in the drawing, with attending or not.
The fee for the HI will be $40. Ladies and Students no charge.
I'll be cooking up some of the Good Ole Style Portagee food. I'll be cooking something for the Sissy too. HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!
I am open for suggestions of this too.
PM me for payment method. See All You Bubbas Here. (or not) :biggrin:
My second floor apartment will be available for a small fee. It is furnished gas stove, fridge, washer, dryer and etc.
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The Knife Poet
One day I'll make it down IG,
and try your HT relish...
(and no,you can't take pics of a grown wolf weeping!:sad:):3:

Indian George

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what's the ending date for the HI? and are there any camping facilities in ur area close by?

I have people coming in the day before and leaving on Monday. You could put up a tent in the backyard. Like I stated my second floor is empty, first come first served.
I live in the old part of the city, 5 minute walk from downtown. My house was build in 1898.
New Bedford is the old Whaling Capital of the World and still have the biggest fishing fleet on the east coast.
You wouldn't believe all the Whaler's Mansions around me. Also 3 blocks from my house is the oldest still working jail in New England.:biggrin:

T Blade

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I knew that I'd find this posting.

I'll be there, most likely with Kook. I've found a couple of other knife nuts that will probably end up there also.