Small Batch Run of MagnaCut Frame Locks (2) *SOLD OUT*

JRB Blades

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**All have been sold**

Finally finished the small batch of frame locks I have been working on. If you aren't familiar with them, I have a build thread over in the "Knifemakers Discussion Forums" section. There are 6 total for sale. 3 of them have the MagnaCut blades and the other 3 are O1 tool steel blades. All the blades have been acid etched and stonewashed. The MagnaCut blades were heat treated to 63.5 HRC and I have the certificate that shows this. All of the handle scales are Titanium. All of the hardware is titanium that has been anodized. They are all running on Skiff bearings. They all have hidden stop pin tracks. All of the lock faces have been carbidized. Take a look at the pictures here and let me know if you have any questions. There are a few of them that have some centering issues, but it doesn't affect the action of the knife. PPFF for payments please.

The 3 knives listed here are the Fighter Model. All 3 have MagnaCut blades. They are priced at $320 each.

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