Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

Thanks for this one! New to me artist and I've just been listening to all his stuff.

Bought a bunch of his digital music just now. Many of his songs and singing are stylistically reminiscent of Townes van Zandt, Steve Earle and Tom Petty.
No problem. New too me as well. Wanted something new to listen to and randomly clicked on this. Really like everything I’ve heard so far. for streaming free cajun/zydeco and other flavors of music. Or try this url as well: Just be aware that some of this music is in cajun (Acadian) french. I listen to it every day.
If you guys like this form of music, Pandora allows you to select your music genre and cycle thru all of them if you choose to do so. Good ones to watch there are "Wayne Toups, Keith Frank and other cajun/zydeco musicians. Some of their best music is there.
One of my all time favorite songs and artists.

⚠️WARNING: If you don't want anyone to see you shed a tear, might want to listen to this one when you're alone.

I'd enjoy a day or twenty of John of my favorite CDs is my John Prine Live cd a buddy gave me after grad school....

Mostly what I listen to in the shop is our local public radio classical station (I hate commercials). On Saturdays mornings, I go to our local community radio that broadcasts 3 hours of folk music followed by 2 hours of Grateful Dead and friends....
You could hang out in my shop any time.
Funny thing about the passing of time- you're no longer beholden to the old corners that you painted yourself into at the time. Remember when the BeeGees weren't cool? Shoot, the BeeGees were freaking awesome.

It's great to listen to music or bands with fresh ears, without having to contend with the stigma that surrounded them at the time. Just like listening to the BeeGees would get you socked in the stomach in middle school, I've grown a new appreciation for Glen Campbell that would have mortified me as a teenager. When I was a kid you couldn't like Glen Campbell. He was the Rhinestone Cowboy. No, Glen wasn't cool. Your grandma liked Glen Campbell, and Slim Pickins. The only album you could listen to at Grandma's house without catching crap from your friends was Marty Robbins. Dwight Yoakam hadn't come along yet to make Buck Owens cool again. But Glen Campbell is so dang good. There's a reason Wichita Lineman is one of the best selling records of all time, and don't get me started on the guitar work on Gentle On My Mind.

It's actually refreshing to listen in to what my kids are listening to. Kids today don't listen to the radio. They have no concept of genre, or time. They have instant access to just about anything ever recorded, and they like what they like. Imagine my surprise when I caught my daughter singling a Ralph Stanley song. Then the next song came on and she was singing along to 10,000 Maniacs. She doesn't even know that Ralph Stanley and Natalie Merchant are from different eras. I used to feel bad for kids today because they don't have a defining music, but really they have all music. That's actually pretty cool.
I listen to heavy metal in the shop. That’s not meant to be a pun. I have bad hearing, I listen to mostly instrumental, the sound track for Doom mostly. I’m not a blade smith, I’m here because I have, and will make some blades on occasion.
Between the earplugs to help save what little hearing I have left, and the noise in the shop, anything with lyrics just can’t be enjoyed. I do love music and that’s about the only thing I can enjoy between the noise and plugs.

On the road at work, about 250 miles a day of driving, I listen mostly to country and classical piano and violin. Not that BS pop country trash either. Country on the good days, classical when the tinnitus is acting up worse than usual.

Yesterday I blew up on my co-worker and chased him off the job site. I had some Billy Strings playing quietly on my phone first thing in the morning. We're taping and mudding drywall. He comes in with a huge party speaker with flashing lights and he tells me to shut off my phone so he can turn on his creepy teenage angst depressing suicide music crap. This guy is forty seven years old. I threw him and his speaker out the door. Half hour later the boss comes in and says to me it's about time you did that. I asked the plumbers if they minded my blue grass music and they said no, that's what we listen to. We ended up having a great day. I used up four buckets of mud all by myself!