Seal black knife copy , any ideas who made this?

I know Charlie Ochs, and when he first came out with that knife it was copied by lots of people across the U.S.
most all the one's I've seen are junk compared to the real thing. I don't think there's any way to tell who made any particular copy of his knife.
Yea looks like this will be a tough one. The knife is very high quality. Nice and tight with real nice fit. I found a picture on line af one that sold in 2009 but they did not know the maker. Charlie
This knife got copied by so any people around US.Hard to rectify the person but must say work done is quite good.
Hello Everybody!

I do not often post because I do not posess the stamina a to maintain a running conversation.

I was honored to take the Introduction to Bladesmithing class at the ABS School, Washington,Arkansas from MS OCHS. (It was co-taught by Jim Batson ) Both of those men are vastly talented. They are also on completely different planets in the knife universe.

I had the great pleasure to share several meals and some down time with MS Ochs (Charlie). We shared that time with another student and Charlie's good friend Doc Wacholz of Rack Forge. (Sorry if I screwed up the spelling, Doc! )

Charlie spoke at length about the history of the authentic "BLACK KNIFE". At the time Charlie was doing a lot of the final tuning AND the sharpening on every knife he sent out. He had a knife with him. It was spooky sharp. And sizzling quick during deployment.

In my opinion Charlie is worthy of admiration as a man, businessman, and fellow American. He did not make any grandiose statementsabout his own work, nor did he speak down about other makers.

Charlie has a long dossier. C'mon, how many other makers have gone into the war zone to teach our troops to make their own battle blades?

Charlie walks it and talks it.

For anybody who is reading this and actually absorbing the meaning, we are not speaking about a "knife" This is a

If it has ANY OTHER USES I am sure that is simply coincidence.

Merry Christmas!

Shane Justice
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